Customer Reviews

Allied MortgageSusan J
Allied Mortgage
George was great! Very Professional. Keep my client and I informed threw the whole process and made it happen on time. I would definitely recommend George again.
Allied MortgageHanna H
Allied Mortgage
Even though I have only talked to George over the phone (being a busy working professional mother) and we have not met in person, every phone call was a great experience: professional, informative but still very personable. Getting this mortgage approved means a lot to me: it's not just a simple mortgage for a primary home for me and my son, but this mortgage made it possible for me to purchase a new small home for my aging parents to live close to me and my son, their favorite grandson.
Allied MortgageRobert J
Allied Mortgage
George was very knowledgeable and courteous with the difficult process of getting a mortgage. He walked me through every step along the way.
Allied MortgagePamela B
Allied Mortgage
I have NEVER had a loan not close with George Souto. He is very thorough and calming with clients. I will continue to use George.
Allied MortgageJason C
Allied Mortgage
Every single aspect of the entire experience. Period! Truly wonderful!
Allied MortgageSteven P
Allied Mortgage
He picked up the phone on Easter Sunday. If that isn't committed to your job, I don't know what is.
Allied MortgageBrandi L
Allied Mortgage
Very thorough and great to work with!
Allied MortgageSusan M
Allied Mortgage
George was always on top of things easy to get a hold of at any time